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EthoEx™ Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction System Manufacturer

Extraction equipment suppliers and manufacturers for the industry space typically focus on one subset of the whole extraction production process. The Engineering team at EthoEx™ understands the entirety of the process should be considered for efficiency and scale. 

Made in the USA
U.S. Patent Pending 

EthoEX Ethanol Extraction CBD Oil

Boosted Automated Ethanol Extraction Systems

EthoEx™ has developed an energy efficient, fully automated pilot plant production system using our 30+ years of expertise in Chemical Engineering, Plant Process Engineering and Automated Systems / Mechatronics

Our Vision

Super Chilled Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Systems offering scalability to meet higher production requirements, is energy efficient and meets all standard building, electrical, mechanical and fire code requirements

Why Choose EthoEx™

Optimized performance is what we specialize in. We lower your footprint, costs, and time of operation while eliminating bottle necks

Cannabidiol (CBD) has experienced a fascinating rise to one of America's favorite wellness products and a promising prescription medication for a host of conditions ranging from anxiety to intractable epilepsy. Below we list  what truly drives the CBD Marketplace and demand.

CBD the 2nd active component offers anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and analgesics medical benefits but without the side effects of getting high.
CBD Oil based upon experiments has been proven to lower levels of psychotic symptoms.
EthoEx™ Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction System Manufacturer


Offering info and clarity regarding CBD's promosing medical, evironmental and economic future

EthoEx™ Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction System Manufacturer

CBD Market Will Hit $22 Billion

For years, experts have predicted that if the CBD industry expands at its current rate, the American market will reach $20 billion by 2020...


The hype about CBD, is it real?

Not that long ago, I would not have been able to tell you what the acronym “CBD” stood for, let alone what it was used for. CBD, or cannabidiol...


The Economics of Extraction

Major news sources around the world have reported that vape cartridge sales in California reached $100 million for the combined months...


If you're an interested investor, partner or perspective client send us an email to receive your password and access.

3 Reasons to Choose EthoEx™

Here at EthoEx™ we believe the little things are just important as the Big



Yield is probably the oldest metric in the book. EthoEx™ understands the importance of timely manufacturing that meet compliance and quality standards.



The age old control of cost is the key to any business success. EthoEx™ has inturned focused efforts on Process Engineering and Automated Systems/Mechatronics.



Our systems are scalable helping to meet higher production requirements, energy efficiency and meets all standard building, electrical, mechanical and fire code requirements.

What We Do

Biomass Extraction
Equipment Manufacturing
Extraction Technology